Compliments to our Donors

Fulyace Ltd proudly presents our company products - Biotec- a composting machine in the year of 2009 . To ensure our message can be clearly carry out into the society, we support Mr. Sven Svensson, the representative of the manufacturer of Bio-tec to set up a non-profit organization - Nordic Environmental Organization - registered in Hong Kong to spread knowledge of showing there is an environmental friendly and justified alternative for taking care of organic wastes by usage of new technique .The NEO also gives advice of how to improve ways in handling food wastes instead of dumping all of them into the rapidly shrinking landfills, moreover , it also reinforces the objectives of 3 R・s V reduce , reuse and recycle .

The deeds and concept is fully supported by renowned Corporations and Educational Institutes in the Society , hereby , we would like to extend our gratitude and thankfulness to them for their support and their influence in all through this year .

Produce Green Foundation V a charitable organization , generously donates the site for NEO to set up the demonstration spot and their green wastes.

Hip Hing Construction Co Ltd V the Company generously donates the wooden chips shredded from the wooden boards which are used vastly at their construction projects . The wooden chips are also tested to certify they are free from chemical toxic.

Tsit Wing Coffee Ltd V the coffee and tea wastes , some syrup and passed due instant noodles are delivered for handling.

The 8th Estate Winery V the wine wastes after the brewing of the wine which they do locally.

Wellcome V lined up by NEO , estimated about 200kg of waste weekly donated by them will be handled by Hip Hing Construction Co Ltd. at their Kowloon Bay construction site.

Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School V estimates they also will handle 100kg of waste daily at their environmental garden in Shan King Estate , Tuen Mun.

City University V Junior College in Kowloon Bay, a group of student majoring in Public Relationship is also working on their final year project on food waste recycling and NEO is co-working with them.

Yew Chung Education Foundation is supporting by buying the organic composts which are made from the organic wastes by NEO to use in their farm at Ping Che .

Thanks also to some private individuals , farmers , friends and families .

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