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Hip Hing Construction Ltd. - Hip Hing Construction Ltd bought the BIOTEC B1000 in Nov. 2009 for their construction site to handle the wood planks of a CLP substation at the old airport in Kowloon Bay. Wood planks after shredding and food wastes from Welcome Supermarket gives a good C/N (Carbon/Nitrogen) ratio for making fertilizer. Lately, Hip Hing Construction Ltd has moved the machine to several construction sites, the CLP substation at the new airport and currently is at the Technical University at Clear Water Bay.

Tsit Wing Coffee Ltd. - their coffee and tea wastes are delivered to our site in Fanling for processing at least twice a year.

Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School, Eco Park at Tuen Mun, bought the model B1000 on 27-10-2009. Food wastes from nearby kindergartens, elderly homes and restaurants are collected to combine with their farm wastes to make fertilizer for their own use.

The HSBC takes the rental scheme of the Company by renting the BIOTEC B2000 which can handle 200kg of food wastes daily. Fullyace provides this service to the Bank starting from April, 2010 for a period of 3 years to 22-4-2010.

The Hong Kong International Airport installed the B2000 at the Terminal 1 in December 2010. This B2000 is fully automatic, includes the lid opener, the bin lifter which is operated by a hydraulic system.

CLP Holdings Ltd tested and bought the B100 at the Strafford Center in Tai Po to handle their food wastes from their canteen. As agreed, with arrangement, they will welcome our enquirers for site visit.

Cheung Hing Electronic & Electrical Eng.Co. Ltd. has installed the B50 at PLK 83 Primary School in Tsing Yi.

The HKSAR - LCSD, the Camp site at Sai Kung has set up a B250.

Sun Hung Kai Group apm shopping mall has installed a B1000.

中國雲南省利魯環境建設有限公司 has installed a B1000 at Kunming.

The HSBC has installed a B100 in Mong Kok office.

Kadoori Farm and Gardening Corporation has installed a B250.

Macau St. Rose Secondary School has installed a B50.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre installed a B1000 in Sep 2011.

The CSO of the HKSAR installed a B500 at the Tamar Admiralty Building in Sept.

The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club installed a (left handed) B2000.

ICC (International Commerce Centre) has ordered a B1000.

Hong Kong Housing Authority will install a B1000 in Tsz Wan Shan - Tsz Ching Estate and Tin Shui Wai - Tin Ching Estate.


Hong Kong Baptist University has ordered 2 set of B1000.

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